Adjust a function with domain?

Hello Desmos Friends.

Is there a way to have kids adjust the domain of a function after they have graphed it? In the slide shared below, kids will enter a rational function (1200/x) in the first Math Input box.

I would then like them to be able to enter the domain so that only the positive side is graphed. Is this possible?

Here is the link to the slide. [At the Fair • Activity Builder by Desmos]

Something like this works, where function1 is a math input (equation entered in function notation or y= form) and domain1 is a domain entered as in inequality in curly braces:

function(`f`): simpleFunction(`${parseEquation(function1.latex).rhs} ${domain1.latex}`)

You could also have domain just entered as an inequality and insert the braces in the CL:

function(`f`): simpleFunction(`${parseEquation(function1.latex).rhs} { ${domain1.latex} }`)

You could also set the initialLatex in your input to the student function:

initialLatex: function1.latex
#or to have curly braces already entered
intialLatex: `${function1.latex} {   }`

then use similar for the new function input

function(`f`): simpleFunction(`${parseEquation(functionWithDomain.latex).rhs}`)

Could cause some problems if they accidentally delete the function, so I’d have some redundancy by including the function in a note in case they need to re-enter it.