Restricting Domain

I am working on an activity builder that involved modeling with mathematics. On screen 10, I would like students to restrict the domain so that it is feasible for the situation. I would like for them to input the interval and then the graph to update showing the restricted domain!

Thank you in advance for the help!

If you want students to enter the domain into an input, the most reliable way only allows them to use inequalities, only because the calculator doesn’t understand “[” as an endpoint. But you can make the function show along the correct domain a<x<b (or ≤ ≥) by setting the condition in the CL:

Thank you! That worked perfectly. I have edited my original activity.

So, I would like feedback on my wording for that screen. I was concerned about students entering the domain in interval notation, so I said to use an inequality to express the domain… But then, I thought they might try to use set notation.

I gave them all the possible forms that they could enter the domain in, but I am concerned that is too much noise on the page. Thoughts?

I think it depends on your student’s comfort level in using Desmos. If they’ve used the graphing calculator in the past for domain restrictions, I think they would understand what it means to use an inequality. If you are concerned about there being to much on the screen, maybe just provide an example? “If you want the domain to be 0-2 inclusive, enter 0≤x≤2.” Just my thoughts…