Overlay for Student Screens

I’m working on an activity for 2-variable inequalities. I have a screen where students choose a solution on a graph. I’d like for the next screen to be an “Overlay” of all of the classes input. Is that possible? Thanks!

Absolutely. You can aggregate student data points into a list and then graph the list on a later screen.


If you’re using a draggable point you should be able to use two number lists (one for x, one for y), but if you’re allowing students to enter their answers into a table I would recommend combining their x and y coordinates into a single value, aggregating that list, and then separating the list values on a later screen. This because (1) we can only aggregate numbers (not coordinate points), and (2) This will preserve the 1-1 relationship between each student’s x and y coordinates.

Awesome! Thanks for the response. How do I get the second screen to graph from the lists?

You can plot two lists as a single ordered pair. For example if X is your list of x values and Y is your list of y values, then (X,Y) will plot all of the pairs in the list

It worked like a charm!

I have some conditionals that are set on the original screen so that when students click the Action button, the point turns red, green or blue depending on the condition. It also prevents them from sliding. I’d like for them to maintain their coloring for the next screen, but even when I put the conditionals on the point (X, Y), it colors all the list based on the first point. Is there a way to evaluate each point in the numberList for the conditional and color/sort appropriately?

A colleague figured this one out. Still not sure how what he did was different, but it worked :slightly_smiling_face: