Downloading aggregated data

Hi - I have run an activity where I used aggregate to plot a dot plot of sample means - it worked brilliantly but I was wondering if there is a way for me to ‘download’ the actual data from this activity? It would be really helpful to start keeping the data and adding to it as I repeat the session. I know the aggregated list exists somewhere but I am not sure I can actually get to it… other than seeing the individual responses on the teacher’s dashboard.

Many thanks!


I don’t think there’s an “easy” way to download the data. One way that works is to create a full screen graph. If you put this code in the component:

numberList(`L`): aggregate(input.numericValue)

and then insert a table with a column that has the numberList name:

then it should work.

You could also make a screen with a table and insert this code (assuming you have the numberList sent to a graph to make a dotplot already:

cellContent(1,1): "${graph.numberList(`L`).elementAt(1)}"
cellContent(2,1): "${graph.numberList(`L`).elementAt(2)}"
cellContent(3,1): "${graph.numberList(`L`).elementAt(3)}"
cellContent(n,1): "${graph.numberList(`L`).elementAt(n)}"

This would take more code and you would need to know how many data points will be submitted, but both methods should work. I’m not sure either way would allow you to easily transfer to a spreadsheet though.

Hi - thank you for that idea. I like the graph component as a plan! Am I correct in thinking that if I have already run an activity then there is no way to get that data - I can just plan to put this into the next version?



Correct. Once a change is made to an activity, it’s only usable for future versions. Having a change pushed out immediately (similar to a Google Document) is something I’ve seen requested a lot, so maybe it will be an option in the future.