Aggregating text responses

I would like to have a screen where students use a single word to describe something and then the word appears on a graph in real time - so everyone can see everyone else’s responses as they are coming in.

I’ve used aggregation with numbers before… Is it possible to do this with the text input from student responses?

I appreciate all your assistance.

P.S. To be more specific, here is a screen. I can populate it with random points where the different words will show up… But can the aggregate function be employed to collect the words from like 20 students in a class, if the input is text?

aggregate only works with numbers. I’ve hoped for aggregating lists before text. :slight_smile:

Sad … will have to do this differently then. I suspected as much, but wanted to be sure. Thank you for the help, as always!

Well… this is the reimagined screen… Had to do numbers instead of word responses, but still came out pretty cool.

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