Aggregation issues with decimal input vs integer

I am having success using aggregation when it involves integer input, but when I have students enter decimal input (or proportion of success) it aggregates weird

slide 5-6 not working (enter the proportion of success of rolling a “1” out of 12 rolls)
slide 7 is working (it plots great when I ask students to enter the “number of successes”

This is what is looks like

If you write dotplot(X,0.01), the calculator will use a bin size of 0.01 instead of the default 1. Here’s a quick simulation to show the difference: Note that the green points look a little wonky at this scale, while the purple dots feel good.

Thank you so much!!! I was thinking it was an issue with the CL, but I wasn’t thinking about Bin size. the solution you created is amazing, my skills not that advanced yet. I really appreciate it