An example of a randomized test with self grading, locked answers, and class averages

I thought I’d share this. Here is a small test I made. Each question is randomized to prevent cheating. When the student hits submit at the end it will lock all the questions but display the student choices and the options they had to pick from. When I type “baldreeresults” at the end it will pull up a table with all the slides showing which were right and which were wrong. It also shows the class average per each slide. It also shows the student grade on the test and the class average for that test. Thought I’d share if anyone needs a test example, also if you have any suggestions let me know!


Thanks so much for this example. Where are you typing your “baldreeresults”. I am trying to make a test. I have figured out how to make it dynamic and I can check if each answer is correct, but I am having a difficult time figuring out how to use that to calculate a grade and actually see a grade.

On the very last slide, directly under the self assesser is an input box. That’s where I type in the baldreeresults

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Thank you for your quick response! Also thanks for sharing your activities, they are giving me ideas on how I can test with different types of questions.

One more question, do you go individually into each students last slide to type baldreeresults? That is how I am able to do it but wondering if you had an easier way.

Thanks so much!


I had an idea for this. Have an aggregated list, and then go into the activity as a student to unlock/lock results (on the first slide I think would be better than the last):

numberList(`L_{ock}`): aggregate(when input="password" 1
                                 otherwise 0)

In the graph, have a variable for the sum of the list, u=total(L_ock)
Then, whatever component you have for results: hidden: u=0