Animating A Graph for Translating Area Under A Curve

Hi everyone,

I would love if I could animate this graph so that the function y=x^2 glides into the position of the y=x^2+3 curve to show that the area falling under the curve along the interval [0,4] is increased by an area equal to a 3x4 rectangle.

See graph for reference. I have never animated a graph before so I have no idea where to even start! Thanks in advance.

Here’s one way to animate x^2 gliding into the position of x^2+3:

The slider s in line 7 controls the glide, translating the curve vertically. I don’t have any brilliant ideas for showing that the new area is increased by a 3x4 rectangle’s worth, though!

Nice one @aknauft

I’m going to riff off that and include something that might work for the rectangle thing: Untitled Graph