Stop an animation at a given point

I’m building an AB were one of the slides is asking the student to estimate 25% of 15.8. I have always found that getting kids to actually estimate instead of calculate is tricky. I’m noodling around with this sketch to see if animation might be a method. However I am stuck with getting CL to stop the animation when the student presses the button.

I didn’t actually look at your CL, and there might be an easier way.

  1. Have the button capture coordinates when pressed.
  2. A variable for when it’s been pressed
  3. Have a second point with the captured coordinates that only displays when the button is pressed
  4. Have the other point only display when it hasn’t been

You won’t be able to move the point after it’s pressed, unless you have a reset. Alternatively, you might use animationTime so that there’s a playhead and have the button as a submit.

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Not sure if you were able to get this working, but here’s an example using Daniel’s suggestions. I slowed down the animation a bit, but you can always adjust that back to 1x speed if you’d like.

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Thanks to both of you. I’m hammering away at making AB lessons for next year and did not get back to the till now.