Animation with button press and correct check

I have a fireworks animation set up to go with a button press, and I have the correct check working, so how can I only make the fireworks go off when the answer is correct? Thank you!


You can set the time variable to button.timeSincePress when the answer is correct, and if it’s not, set it to zero. In the graph, make a conditional statement for the fireworks to show when the time is greater than zero. Feel free to share the activity if you have trouble making it work!

Edit: I remembered that I had a few activities that used a similar animation. Learning Targets 28-29 Review • Activity Builder by Desmos

That was excellent, thank you! I was able to use that example to make your fireworks work with an input. I couldn’t get it to work with the other fireworks or with the button press, so I might end up posting a slide after all, but I really appreciate all your help!

Yeah, I need help.

I made some changes to the timer variable in the calculator code, and changed the conditionals for the two fireworks colors in the graph and it works!

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That’s perfect. Thank you again! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all your help.