Having questions disappear after time goes off

I am struggling trying to get my PSAT to work.
Here is my activity

Here is the one I am trying to mimic. timed test • Activity Builder by Desmos

Mine won’t disappear after the time is up.
Any help would be appreciated.

I am using the code: hidden: timer.timeSincePress(10)=0 or timer.timeSincePress(3600)>setTime.script.k or end.pressCount>0

but the problems won’t show up when start is selected.

Is there conflict between timer.timeSincePress(10) and timer.timeSincePress(3600)? You’re setting two different max times to the same button.

Yeah, but the same coding works on the other activity I copied from.

I found this post and am also trying to mimic. timed test • Activity Builder by Desmos but I am trying to figure out where the text is coming from in the graph box for: “You will have x minutes to complete this test” and “do not go to next slide” and “thank you for submitting your test” when the action buttons are pressed. I’ve looked through all of the coding and can’t seem to find these messages anywhere to be able to customize for my content.

Thank you.