Asynchronous pacing

I’m thinking I want things like to not let a student go to the next slide based on conditions I set in CL-- completion of table, entering an equation, correct values, …
Thoughts about the utility of this (am I misdirected in wanting this), how it can be done now, other…??

You could put a coverText without an OK button based on a conditional.

Same thought here. Wanting something faster to code. I’m wondering about the script button on the top left that doesn’t go to any specific component. Is that a global of some sort?

That’s the button that you would use for the coverText and setting the title on the screen. Try typing in a fake sink and the error message will tell you all the possible sinks for that area.

Here’s an example of what I mentioned earlier. It won’t always be easy code, but it works for your idea.


The sinks related to covers aren’t in the documentation, nor do they autofill (?) in the CL.

@Jay Is this an oversight? Or is there a reason?

Undocumented sinks are typically those that (at the time of creation) weren’t ready to be widely released yet. We don’t autocomplete for the same reason. Some of these may be ready now and might be made “public” in the future.