Screen Lock with CoverText


I am trying to lock screens 3 - 10, once the student clicks on the “Let’s Practice!” button on screen 2. I want screen 11 locked until students submit their answers on screens 3 - 10. Finally, I want screen 12 unlocked once they submit their final answers on screen 11. Is it possible to set up these individual constraints in CL? I am not too familiar with coverText. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you’ve used conditions with the content: sink, you can use the coverText: sink (it goes in the main CL, next to “Teacher Tips” on the left side). It’s basically the same. If coverText is “” then it won’t appear at all. So, for screens 3-10:

coverText: when btnstart.pressCount>0 "" otherwise "Go back to screen 2!"
coverButtonLabel: ""      
 #this is necessary, otherwise students can press the button to see the screen content

For screen 11, something like:

coverText: when n1.submitted and n2.submitted and etc... "" 
otherwise "You haven't submitted everything."
coverButtonLabel: ""
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