Axel labels in latex AND Hiding Submit Button

Hello Desmos Community.

I’m trying to label my axes using latex. Specifically, I would like the y-axis to read u_n (with the n subscripted).

Also, I would like to hide the Submit button on this slide, so that students only press the multiple choice button.

Apologies. I didn’t mean to share the whole activity. Just this slide needs help. At least at the moment.

It doesn’t appear that latex in the axis label is supported.

I think this may help:

It does the following:

  • eliminates the default axes entirely
  • assigns axes labels as points, which can be latexed
  • randomizes the question and forgoes the mc for a button reveal

hope that helps!

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Oh my – you forgot to mention that it randomizes the sequence and adjusts the graph accordingly. Amazing!! And I learned a thing or two about CL. Thanks so much, Mike.

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