Both clickable & draggable?

Can points be simultaneously clickable and draggable?

I don’t think they can. From a UX perspective it would be too easy to click instead of drag or vice versa so I think they remain mutually exclusive.

What did you have in mind?

Hi Steve,

I am not sure if you were asking a similar question to one I asked last January for which I did not get a reply. My students used to be able to drag a point to a location on the coordinate plane and then click on it to check the coordinates for accuracy. Now, they cannot click on it to reveal the coordinates. I can turn on the label for the points and it will show all the time, but I want to be able to click on it like you can static points or even positions on a line or curve and see the coordinates on demand. Is this what you were hoping for too?

Richard Punches

I’ve been writing Voronoi Diagram code, so I care about points and their surrounding regions.

This code allows clicking on the doughnut, and dragging the hole:

My particular problem may be workaroundable if I can easily get polygons for the regions, which I currently color with inequalities. Voronoi Diagrams: double stuff | Desmos

Hi Richard,

My use case is a bit different. I want the point to represent it’s surrounding region, clickable.


You could do a work around depending on what you want students to do. For example, they could move the points into location, then they could click a “done” button which would hide the draggable points and then show new clickable points at the same locations.