Button Reveals Movable Points

Can I have some help! I want students to press a button to reveal movable points. I have the CL set up to reveal the points that I want, but they are no longer draggable for students. How can I make a button reveal draggable points?

Here’s the activity:


Your button reveals three points with labels. To make those points moveable, you need to make them moveable in the graph itself by setting them to “draggable”. You’ll need to set s_{howGraph}=1 to get those points to appear so you can edit their moveability. Then click and hold the color label on the left of the cell to get the display options.

This is a little detail that is confusing at first. You need the condition to be inside with the y-coordinate for it to stay moveable. So, like (r1,3{s_howgraph=1}) instead of (r1,3){s_howgraph=1}. [Copy of] QUADRATICS WHITEBOARD • Activity Builder by Desmos

That makes sense, thank you!!