Bug? numericValue accepts x

Interesting problem I just encountered. According to the documentation:

numericValue gets the evaluated value of an expression input. For example, “2+2” will return the number 4.

However this doesn’t appear to be entirely accurate as numericValue is seemingly unable to distinguish between numbers and expressions directly linear in terms of x.

For example something like, say, 3x versus 3: they’re the same according to numericValue.

Try it, say, here.

This is a fairly subtle but serious bug. Any thoughts on this?

While I’m not disputing anything you are saying, I think Jay described their thinking in this thread. The back end coding must have something like the firstDefinedValue built into numericValue to ignore possible units.

Wow, i even replied to that thread. Completely forgot.

It’s a straight out mathematical error and I’m imploring Desmos to fix this as it’s wrong mathematically and wrong from a units point of view as well.

The idea that somehow units need to be accounted for is also not consistent with SI convention, where spaces are always required between numeric values and units, so that edge case simply does not wash.

Thanks for replying @cwinske!

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