Trying to provide input feedback cell content


I am trying to create a space for students to check equations in different ways. They have a document with one variable equations they will be working off of. I cannot find a way to check a sum other than numericValue. The issue with numericValue is I want students to calculate the sum and not desmos. Is there any way to have input match content?

Here is my activity in rough draft form.


I’m not sure I understand the question, but if the goal is to prevent students from typing…


and instead force them to type


then you can put the CL below into you math input component

disableEvaluation: true

I think disableEvaluation: true is part of the solution.

But actually if they type 2+3+5 then the numericValue will still be 10.

So I think you also could include a condition in any correctness checks like countNumberUsage(this.latex) = 1

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For math inputs you could just use input.latex=“10” so it looks for what is typed rather than a specific value.

Same idea for the tables: this.cellContent()=“10”

That can get broken by unintended spaces, or other formatting issues.

Very true. I have been programming using that coding (when numericValue can’t be used) since last spring. It isn’t perfect and takes some teaching for students to understand how it should be typed/formatted, but I haven’t had students with too many issues with it. I think it would work fine for this, especially, since all they are doing is typing numbers.