Bug Report: Inputs and Sinks Disappearing

Edited this to reflect the fact it appears to be a bug:

Strange behaviour here.

Depending on “where” you place an Input component, the Submit button with alternately dis/appear.
Noticed this when stacking it with a Table:

And here’s an Activity where you can see this weird behaviour:

@Jay @eric

That’s weird. The CL also doesn’t accept/recognize Input sinks (e.g. showSubmitButton, submitLabel) like it thinks it’s a different component.


Yup. Noticed it’s happening with other components now as well.

Thanks for the feedback! We try to stick with one or two actions for students to create a more approachable user experience. This allows the student to focus on the content of the screen instead of being overwhelmed with options.

In the case of a table below the math input, you’ll have to add an action button below the table (as you would with all tables).

Thanks… but I don’t think I understand why there is a difference in whether one appears at all or not.

The issue described here shows that the source order somehow changes the validity of component existence. This imo is a bug.

Why would placing an input above a table render a submit for the Input(not the table).
But placing the Input below a table does not allow a Submit button for the same component(the Input)?

Right now this appears to be a Zero vs One action situation, not a One vs Two.
Make sense?

Confirmed @Mike_Gleeson! This is a bug.

Buttons currently serve 3 purposes:

  • to reveal another part of UI (e.g. “What Other Student Said”, or “+Explain” in a math + explain)
  • to power an animation or trigger some other action using Computation Layer (e.g. with timeSinceSubmit or submitCount or submitted)
  • A placebo with no real purpose (e.g. normal submit button on a text response or math input).

As @Jay described, we’re trying to have at most one placebo button per column, just to clean up the UI (someday – perhaps no placebo buttons!). We were a little overzealous here with the table.

Two fixes coming soon:

  • We’ll make sure that buttons appear if any of their relevant sources are used.
  • We’ll add back a placebo button, even if it isn’t at the very bottom of its column.

Than you for the bug report, and sorry for the delay fixing it.

Thanks very much!

Appreciate the description of the intended use-cases.