Can't get button in column under graph

Hi! I have a two-column activity. The second column has a graph and two questions below it. ([Copy of] 4.14 v2 Intro to Systems of Equations in Context • Activity Builder by Desmos)

I want a submit button under the two questions, but it’s not working. The submit button that comes with the math input is disabled, and no CL I try is getting it un-disabled (including submitDisabled: false or showSubmitButton: true). I’ve also tried adding an action button, but it’s only allowing me to place it on the graph or in the first column - it’s not possible to drag it below the questions.

Is there some limitation on buttons below graphs? Any tips to make it work?


I see a submit button on my copy. Did you want a button beneath EACH math input?

I see it too, but it’s disabled for me. Are you able to press it?

When I looked at the top math input CL you had showSubmitButton: false.
When I changed it to showSubmitButton: true I got two buttons. If that doesn’t work sometimes I trick it into working by putting a note box in between the two math inputs and putting just a space in the box. It puts and extra space between the input boxes though.

You can’t press the submit button until you have inputs in both boxes, if there is only one submit button.

I’m not able to press it, even with inputs in both boxes - it stays disabled. Is it working for you?

only when there’s equations in the entries on the left. does your RHS code reference those entries?

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WHOA. Weird! It works for me when I enter in the equations. I don’t think I put in any CL to cause that, but that gives me somewhere to start!

If you use showSubmitButton: true for the inputs for the two expressions the submit button at the end works just fine, but then you have a bunch of extra buttons.

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