Math Input Boxes not working properly

I am having some issues with my Math Input boxes on a slide. The slide has 3 Math Input boxes plus some Notes and a Graph. Only two of the Math Input slides have SUMBIT buttons present, and if I add more Math Input components they don’t have SUBMIT buttons either. The feedback for the first Math input (the one without the submit button) doesn’t show up until I enter a value into the second Math Input box, and the Page Correct check-mark doesn’t appear when correct values have been added to all the boxes. Here is a link to the slide:Strange Slide • Activity Builder by Desmos

thanks for any feedback on what I might be doing incorrectly.

You could add this to the Math Input CL for a quick fix:

showSubmitButton: true

Submit buttons disappear when you put a component below. You can add your own action button, and use buttonName.pressCount>0 instead of .submitted