Building up a Sketch over Several Screens

I have a sketch that is built up over three screens. Going from the first screen to the second the content of the first sketch can be shown nicely as a background in the second sketch and more content added in the foreground. On the third screen, however, I don’t see how I can carry forward and combine my two previous sketches. Any suggestions?

I’ve found what seems to be a relevant function in the CL documentation but I can’t see how to use it? Any suggestions?


I have exactly the same question!

This kind of thing works. Sketch1 and Sketch2 are what I named the sketch components from two different slides.

background: sketchLayer(mergeSketches(Sketch1.sketch,Sketch2.sketch))

You can also make a variable for the merged sketches and use that. Not sure what use that might serve but it works.


background: sketchLayer(combo)

Perfect! …and another example of something that would be nice to see in the CL documentation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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To be fair, I pretty much took the code from mergeSketches in the documentation. It’s just in the functions section, so I do think it should be in the sketch section as well, or at least referenced.

Thank you so much! This is something I didn’t even know I needed:) I can’t wait to try an activity using this with my students.