Is there a way to combine sketchLayer and graphLayer?

I have a graph with some sketching on it from an earlier screen. Is there a way to combine these two layers to make a background for a new graph component?

As of right now CL doesn’t support multiple layers, however you can copy over parts of the graph manually either through CL or copy/paste and then use the sketch layer.

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I see there is now a function that could be useful: layerStack (Computation Layer Documentation) but now I’ve forgotten what I had hoped to do with it!


I am actually trying to do a similar thing. There is an example with a cat where you can sketch on one and the image you make shows up in the other. I can get it to do that, but the bounds are wonky and I don’t know how to fix it. It’s like the origin is not the same in both.

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Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having a similar problem where I am using a previous graph component as the background of a sketch, but my graph image ends up tiny on my sketch and I can’t fix it.

Not sure, but maybe try setting the bounds in the graph and the sketch to the same parameters?

bounds: makeBounds(-10,10,-10,10)

You can even use variables in the graph CL to pull into the sketch CL.

Thanks! I ended up going with
bounds: g2.bounds

where g2 is the graph that is being used as the background
and that seems to have resolved it.


Something new learned. Never had to use it. Thanks!