Disable submit button in multiple choice question

Is it possible to disable the submit button in a multiple choice when students have submitted an answer? Sometimes I don’t want them to change their answer.

If you are using an action button as the submit button you can (1) disable the button after 1 press and (2) use the button to capture the choice at the time. You can then use the captured value for computation. Just note that students will still be able to change the answer choice but it will do nothing as far as computation so you will need to add some sort of warning in there for that.

I can’t use ‘choice’ and ‘action button’ on the same screen. Or am I missing something?

If you add a graph component you can have both the action button and the MC.

thanks, this is what I was looking for!

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Can someone provide the code for limiting the number of time a student can “submit” on a multiple choice question?

For an action button, this would disable on the 4th press:
disabled: this.presscount>3

disabled: {your conditions for disabling}

Thanks for the quick response! I have figured a way to make the submit button disable after the number of attempts.
Followup questions:

  1. It is possible to have students hit “submit” and then get feedback about if they are right or wrong in order to explain their answer. When I add any sort of feedback, desmos adds a second submit button.

  2. How do I get the teacher dashboard to recognize the correct and incorrect responses? Or would this be a slide I would have to check individually?


Any time you require an explanation, the best you can get is a dot because you need to check explanations. Without an explanation requirement, you can use the correct sink.

correct: this.isSelected(3) and this.submitted

This would mark it correct if the third choice is selected and the answer is submitted. If you have to use a separate action button, something like this:

correct: this.isSelected(3) and yourButtonName.timeSincePress()>0

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