Calling on graph variables not matching

Not sure what is happening here. My bad code or something I misunderstand. I have 4 indicators in Graph that I am calling on in another screen. They don’t match and I’m not sure why. Currently I only have the activity active for the first screen (named Screen 3).

I looked at this a little bit and I can’t spot the issue either. I thought maybe a rounding error was happening, but I tried a couple things and that didn’t seem to be the problem either. I did try capturing the I_0…I_3 values with the input and then calling on the last value on screen 4 and I think that works (I only tested a couple times). If you want me to elaborate on that idea, let me know.

After trying to decipher what was happening without much luck, I reworked the activity. I use errorMessage: to force the student to choose 1 of the 3 cases on each screen. They can only submit correct guesses. In the end it is probably a better approach. Yet, still confused about the variable differences. Thanks for the help.

When the graph is broken down on navigation, your calculations revert to radian mode (whereas the graph is in degree mode). Performing your calculations in radians on the source screen will make the results consistent.

Additionally, before it’s mentioned here, we’re thinking of ways to support both radian and degree mode throughout the activity.

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Ok that makes a lot of sense now. I thought there was some mistake I was missing in my code. I typically use degrees only when solving triangles. Most of my previous activities for trig have been in radians mode. Thanks for the heads up.