Obvious mistake? Or bug?

I am trying to pass a value for a variable “isCorrect” from one slide to another.
1 means that the answer is correct, 0 means the answer is incorrect.
Everything works great until I try to pass that value to another slide.

This is either something embarrassingly obvious, or a bug.

I’m going to step away from this and try to look at it with fresh eyes this afternoon.

Here is the example with explanation-> bug? (delete) • Activity Builder by Desmos

Check line 3 in your graph. Looks like you’re trying to compare a1 and a2, the latter of which has no numeric value

Nevermind, you defined i in your script. Moving on

It’s so weird because on the first slide it looks like everything is working fine.
And the 2nd slide hardly has anything in it.

Looks like what happened is that when you switch off of the screen your calculator changes from degree mode back to the default radians. Not sure if this is a bug or expected behavior, but I’ve forwarded the question on to our engineering team. Thanks for the report!

One way around is to just compute in radian mode and do a manual conversion in the graph: radian/degree switch • Activity Builder by Desmos

Woah, nice debugging! I see exactly what you mean.
I’ll go ahead and add some 180/π to my script.
I’d be surprised if that is the expected behavior, but I’d be curious why it is if that’s the case.

Thanks for the assist… I thought I was going mad :crazy_face: