Value from graph not appearing

Help Please. I have built a puzzle that is correct when the variable t_{otal} = 9. I can not get that variable to render on a different slide. Any help would be appreciated. Test • Activity Builder by Desmos

I dont know if code carries over from slide to slide.

It should the way it’s coded. I tried different ways (like using total from the note instead of direct from the graph, and see the same issue. I thought it might have something to do with interacting with the slides, but I added an input to the second slide and interacted with both and see the same issue. Might be a bug. @Jay ?

The problem is the graph in the first slide is set to function in degrees. However, the Desmos default is to use radians and when you get to the second slide, the calculations are performed in the default radians rather that the preset degrees. This would be a Desmos bug which should be corrected as the graph’s settings should be adhered to. To verify this, write the following equation in your graph: z=sin(30) and then display the values in your two notes on the two different slides. The first slide will show “0.49999999999999994” (a close approximation of 0.5) and the second slide will show “-0.9880316240928618” which is the correct value in radian measure. @Jay

@Werner_Pries you are correct! I changed from degrees to radians and the value populated on the second slide. Very Interesting. This should not happen.

Thats it! Saved graph states are calculated in radians once the graph itself is broken down. Adding flexibiliy here might be difficult to accomplish while at the same time keeping our background calculations consistent, but we’ve been thinking about options. Two workarounds:

  1. build your graphs using radians
  2. add a submit button to obscure feedback until its pressed and capture the number correct. That captured value will remain the same even when the graph is broken down.

The values were in fact populating before as well. They just were not populating what you were expecting as they were being calculated in a different mode settings - an unfortunate situation. The solution would be to update your original slide in radian mode (and rework your equations to reflect that). I know. You shouldn’t have to do so but in a pinch, that’s the answer (for now).