Can i Copy latex expression from scientific calculator

want to copy Latex expression on clicpboard

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V (for PC) as you would for copying anything. It will paste with the more complex notation, but will format in a note correctly if you surround it with backticks (the single quote looking punctuation by the 1 key).

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want to copy latex expression on clipboard on a button click

@Daniel_Grubbs bro are you there

Right click I guess. It’s just standard cut and paste. However you’d do it for regular text, but need backticks if you want it for display.

Sorry @Rakesh_Jat: you can highlight/select an expression in Desmos | Scientific Calculator, but attempting to ‘right-click’ with your mouse will deselect the expression and bring up a generic drop-down menu. You can not (currently) use a button on your mouse/track pad to copy unless you have a command or macro programmed to an auxilary button on your mouse. Eg:

However, you can (and should learn how to) use the keyboard hot-keys of CTRL+C (or CMD+C on Mac) to copy the selected text (as @Daniel_Grubbs said originally), and can paste into your desired location using CTRL+V (or CMD+V on Mac) or right-click in the field and selecting ‘paste’ from the drop down menu.