Two truths and a lie - pass and play

When I enter an expression such as 48/8 OR 4-(-2) as expressions that equal 6, they show up in the multiple choice options in slide 3 as \frac{48}{8} and 4-\left(-2\right). How do you get them to simply show up as 48/8 or 4-(-2), just like how they showed up after entering them into the table on the second slide?

Any help would be appreciated!

Here is the link to my Copy of Two Truths and a lie - pass and play:

What you see showing up is the latex code. You need to surround that with backticks (next to the 1 on your keyboard). If that still doesn’t work, make the single backslashes in the latex code into double backslashes.

Thank you for the prompt response! Which slide would I put the backticks in, and which code would I attach it to? Can you look at my slides and code and see if that is the correct coding (aside from the backticks)? It worked when I previewed and entered values into the slides, but maybe I just got lucky. I’m very new to the CL coding, and have A LOT to learn, but I love the vast capabilities it provides when creating Desmos activities.

In slide 3, multiple choice component they should look like this:


That worked perfectly…thank you Daniel!