Can I use something a student did as a background to a sketch?

I want to take some student work (a graph, or a sketch) and have the student draw over it. Can I do that?

Yes. The way to draw over something is to make a sketch component, and set the background. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One is to set the image up to have a graph as the background, and then use CL sinks to modify that graph based on student work. You can use all the same sinks as the graph components (number, numberList, function).

The other option is to set the background with a “layer” object. Using that to sketch over a previous sketch would look like:

background: sketchLayer(previousSketch.sketch)

Is there a faster way to copy the graph’s layer rather than setting up the graph again on the next screen?

For instance can I do something like background: graphLayer(previousGraph.something)?

Yes - you can also do graphLayer(previousGraph.calculatorState). There are a few places that you can use these layers (backgrounds for sketches, backgrounds for graphs, and for making thumbnails in challenge creators), and we should probably add a section to the documentation that describes the layer system in more detail.

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Is there away to reference more than one sketch? Essentially, I have students sketch on one slide (1), and carry that onto another slide (2) where they sketch more. Referring to the second slide’s sketch on a third slide (3) only shows the new marks and not the combination of slide (1) and (2).

Check out this response by Michael Sanchez to last month’s #matchmyCL

layerStack… Thanks!