Can I write limit notation in CL?

Before I spend an hour or two cutting-and-pasting images, I want to make sure: As far as I can tell, there’s no easy way to type a limit notation equation in proper form in CL notes (or anywhere for that matter.), even using latex.

And if not – it would be a realllllly nice feature to add.

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This workaround was suggested:

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I second the request to make this possible! The workaround works, but it isn’t nearly as pretty.


I agree it’s not the best look, however just to be clear it’s not a workaround or some kind of hack, it’s valid Latex Syntax.

Unfortunately it’s not usually what we want in terms of layout.

To be fair, Desmos uses a package called Mathquill, and Mathquill itself has an outstanding Github pull request relating to this issue with rendering Limits. For this to be fixed at all, I’d recommend Desmos file a Pull request on the Mathquill page. Who knows, it can’t hurt.


nor is this efficient

Hi everyone,

Realized I should have maybe replied to this thread rather than posting in the Example section. I’m working on creating modular components you can just drop into any project to solve latex rendering issues in Desmos AB, such as writing limits.

This Activity has components that will render your limit expressions probably much more like what you’d hope for. It definitely abuses latex to accomplish this but it’s very extensible and I hope it helps out those who are really just looking for a quick and easy way to accomplish decent visual rendering of limits: limits component • Activity Builder by Desmos

Here’s how it looks:


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