Writing Limits in CL

content: "Find the limit: \\lim _{x\\rightarrow a}f\\left( x\\right) "


I have tried and tried. Can’t get it to work.

I don’t think Desmos supports limit notation in their calculator, so it won’t work with CL either.

You can write Limits, it’s just that you have to render them inline. Something like this:

`lim_{x→\pi}\ \left(\frac{\cos\left(x\right)+\sin\left(2x\right)+1}{x^{2}-\pi^{2}}\right)`

And it ends up looking like this:

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How do you get the small right arrow in the limit notation? In LaTex I use
\lim_{x\to \pi} or \lim_{x\rightarrow \pi}

I think i used the unicode entity → for that. Oftentimes this is a superior method for symbolic stuff like this.


The workaround here is to just copy and paste an arrow from somewhere on the internet and put it into your code. I did that here:


You should be a bit careful about that. Not all such characters render consistently across browser engines nor OS’s for that matter.

Use the proper unicode character for this(and other symbolic operators) and it will be much more consistent.