Cannot copy CL code in Safari (causes a beep)

Something’s not working the way it seems like it should.

When I use cmd-C or Edit->Copy in Safari while trying to copy CL code, I get a double-beep sound and the copy fails.

This could very easily be a Safari issue since:

  1. I have not had the problem in Chrome.
  2. I checked the Javascript console and no errors are appearing when the copy attempt is made.

This has happened on multiple occasions (occasionally when trying to copy from a slide in Student View when in teacher mode).

I have relaunched Safari but that did not fix the issue.

Here’s the link to the page, dashboard, or activity: Desmos Classroom Activities (it’s private so not sure Desmos Support can view it).


Andrew, using
Safari 16.5
macOS Ventura 13.4
Mac Pro 2019