Copying & Pasting a Slide on an Ipad

Does anyone else have trouble with copying & pasting a slide from an activity to another activity when using an iPad Safari browser?

I tried the chrome browser on iPad and it doesn’t even have a copy option.
Using Safari on an iPad, it’ll let you copy, but it won’t let you paste.

I think we’re stuck on that one. I don’t think Apple’s webkit cooperates with pasting just anywhere.

Similar problem pasting a graph into a graph component.

Ah. Thank you. I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me not knowing how to do it.

About 95% of Desmos Activity Builder works great on an iPad, but there are a few annoying quirks and a few times you have no choice but to go find a computer.

Its a shame, but I think most of them are Apple’s fault and there’s not much Desmos can do about it AFAIK.

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