Fixing Copy Previous

I am using someone else’s activities for my trig class. Several of them are now broken because “Copy Previous” has been retired. When I copy and edit, the editor seems to fix the activity automatically. However, the following message refuses to go away: “Warning! This activity uses ‘Copy Previous,’ which is no longer supported. Please edit the activity before using it with students.”

The warning message prevents me from creating a class code. This issue is going to ruin my plans for next week. Duplicating the activities from scratch is completely out of the question because (a) I have virtually no experience creating activities myself and (b) I have too much other work that needs to be done. I already get too little sleep trying to keep up with everything I’ve put on my plate this summer.

I do not understand why the warning message persists. It seems the warning message itself may be broken. Is there anything that can be done, or do I need to accept that my trig students’ learning experiences are going to be diminished because Desmos screwed this up?


Sorry this is happing to you. Can you share a link to the activity? It may be something we can fix on our end.

Thanks for the rapid response! I’m interested in two activities in particular. Here are the Activity Builder links.

Copying and editing cleared it up for me:

When did you try to make these copies, and did you try multiple times? Just trying to figure out what went wrong for you. Thanks!

Thank you!!

I made the copies within the last 2 hours. For one activity, I selected copy/edit twice. If I remember correctly, I selected copy/edit, saw no evidence of Copy Previous, discarded draft, selected copy/edit again, saved draft, saw the warning message, edited draft, saw no evidence of Copy Previous, saved draft, still saw the warning message. My steps for the other activity were similar, but there was no initially discarded draft. I hope this answers your question!

It might. Did you ever publish?

I guess I didn’t. I just tried that with my copies, and the warning message disappeared. Interesting!

That makes sense. The activity landing page will show the latest published copy. As will any class code generated.