Capture the amount

Is there a way for media to show up depending on the value of the die?
The desmos

I’m assuming you want the animated gifs. In which case, you can use a hidden sink:

hidden: opposite of your condition to display here

Looks like yours may get a little complicated. You may want to figure out a capture for each total. That said, it’s probably a lot easier to use static images in the graph.

There’s some strange behavior when you try typing scores into the table because the dice display is connected to the button timeSincePress which resets when a table has focus. I wasn’t sure what parts in the graph are the dice display, but t_0 must affect it.

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You might also consider figuring out how to autofill the table, and use a second button to lock the score for that set.

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Yea I was going to do that but I need know what numbers are on the die

btw the dice display is in cubes

value1 and value2 are the numbers on the dice. I think in the randomization folder.

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