Show class 'responses' based on a variable

I’m creating an activity in which for each student, a variable is calculated.
I’d like to see all of the student responses on the dashboard at once, just as I would see if they were inputting a response. But in this case they are not inputting a response, but I’d like to collect and see what value a defined variable has for each student.

I tried using initial content in a math input box, and in a table, but neither shows a response in the Dashboard unless the student actually enters something.

Any way I can do this?

If you could attach what you have so far, it might be helpful in helping us see what you are thinking about accomplishing a bit better.

With that being said, do you think the variable could be displayed in a hidden graph? There are ways to make displays show up there as long as it’s not a label. I’ve used this screen to display the number of correct answers on an infinite practice screen.

Ah! I was already using a graph that appears after submitting, so putting the value there worked! And actually using a point labelled with the variable’s value does work. Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing that the labels show up now. I swear this didn’t happen last year!

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