Card sort correct only when correct order

Just getting more into correct-answer routines and feel I’ve hit a wall with one type of routine I use a lot.

• Card sort activity with 3 or more cards
• Cards must be in the correct order

However, students’ attempts are marked as correct simply if the ‘group’ is correct and not the ‘order’. Is there a way to have an answer marked as correct only if both the ‘grouping’ and the ‘order’ are correct?

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks.


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I’m not sure, it’s never something I’ve tried. @Jay, can you give any input here?

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I think this would be a good suggestion to add as an option to the card sorts. Maybe in the menu with three dots, there could be a selection for “Strict Order” or something similar?

I think a possibile workaround could be to do the card sort, and then when correct, reveal an ordered list screen. It could say, “Here was your group, now put it in the correct order.”


This feature has been requested in the past (and may have lead to the creation of ordered lists) but I’m super glad to hear others requesting it. Card sorts would be much more useful for proofs if the order of the card parts mattered.

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Many thanks for your responses, folks. I’ve been chatting with Jenn in the support team about this and she has passed it on to the request team. Having something like the ‘use order as answer key’ option that you find in Ordered Lists (for each card-sort group) would certainly do the trick.