Partial Answer Card Sort Answer Key

Hello! I’ve created a card sort and have instituted CL for students to check. However, I have yet to see an example of CL that allows for partial correctness. That is, my card sort consists of five categories and 20 items that need to be sorted into those five categories, thus each category has four items nested under each respective category. However, let’s say that a student correctly places three items under each category (meaning they’ve gotten 15 correct out of the 20 possible) but they’ve mixed up each of the remaining five items. CL returns it as 0 correct; they essentially have to get all or nothing. Is there any CL that would return the amount they got correct in this way?

Essentially, a card is deemed correct if it is in a group with no incorrect cards. Individual (ungrouped) cards are only correct if they are supposed to be independent of any other group.

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