Card Sort Sequence and Key

I created a card sort that is 8 cards long and they have to be matched in a specific sequence to be correct. I followed the online tutorial to do the When and otherwise statements for match key, cards to total and none correct. But when I preview it show all are correct when 8 cards are put in any order that it matches key when they are not in the correct sequence. Can you tell me why this occuring. They have to be in a specific order to be correct and my key is right. But the message says all correct when any order is of 8 are together.

Card sorts only check grouping, not order. Why not use an ordered list instead?

I was trying to see how I could do that with image cards. Is there a good video you could recommend for me.


Ordered lists only take text. Maybe use a graph. Name some points to use for image centers.

Here’s something I made. Add your own images and use the point names for their centers. You can adjust the drop areas’ dimensions and spacing with sliders. There’s also some autocorrection if the center point is in the right spot. (You can paste the URL into an expression line in an AB graph and the whole thing will upload.)