Card Sort - Show groups on another slide

I am trying to have the students’ groups of cards from a card sort show up on the next slide. Is there a way to do this?
On slide 2, students sort the cards into two groups. On slide 3, they explain their reasoning. I would like for them to have a visual of the groups on this slide.

This is not something that is currently possible with a card sort. There is very limited CL for it. You’d probably be better off faking this card sort in a graph, which can be carried to a new screen.

I would import an image of what I want my card to look like, since you can make images draggable. Then, use the image centers to place your expression texts. The following will carry your graph state over.

background: graphLayer(yourGraphName.calculatorState)

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Something to get you started…

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Thank you for this! !!!

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Now I’m having an issue where I copied the graph using the code above, but only blank boxes are appearing.

Oh yeah. Oddly point labels don’t carry over. You can use this to carry over the labels…
pointLabel("C_1"): yourGraphName.labelLatex("C_1")

This didn’t work either. I tried it on both screens.

There’s some extra work to do to actually define the points in the second graph CL as well. If you want to share I can try to get a setup to you.

Thanks. This is what I have: To Decompose or Not to Decompose • Activity Builder by Desmos

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