Checking Correctness

Trying to help a friend with 3rd grade intro to multiplication. Created a Note with random integers {a} and {b}. Students asked to multiply together. Trying to check correctness with what I used when I don’t have random variables.
correct = this.numericValue={a}*{b}

Screen 7 if interested in helping.

Okay. Here are some of your issues.

  1. The error for feedback in your note was because content was missing the closing quotation marks

  2. (Actually a few problems with correct in the input)
    a. You didn’t reference variables a and b from the note
    b. Any time you’re calculating in CL you have to use numericValue (or evaluate a function)

correct = this.numericValue = numericValue("${noteName.script.a}*${noteName.script.b}")

Thank you! Any chance you have a quick, easy way to reset the variables to different numbers upon a correct result??

I think I’ve got it…thanks for your help!

There’s a way, but not necessarily quick or easy. :slightly_smiling_face:
Instead of a submit button, I’d use an action button, capture, and lastValue as a seed for the randomNumberGenerator. It can actually get fairly complicated to display what you want.

Ok, I’ll probably pass on that. Thank you for your help!