Challenge Creator

Hi! This is my first attempt at using the challenge creator. I would like the last screen, where they solve the challenge, to show the axis labels and scales that are displayed on the third screen of the challenge. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Also, any coding assistance for preventing submissions until each screen is completed successfully would be helpful. Thanks!

The editable point labels are fun but finnicky. I don’t know how to fix the problems, but I can share some thoughts.

  • If you ditch the editable point labels and use a table or two to get the students’ labels, you’ll likely have a much easier time of things. The axes labels will probabably transfer to the last screen.
  • I don’t understand why you are using multiple copies of the same graph. By using just one graph, you’ll be able to get the same effect. The four different notes are fine.
  • It probably makes sense to require the student to complete their own challenge.
  • Look up coverText in the documentation for a way to hide each screen until conditions have been met (such as an incomplete previous screen).

I hope some of those thoughts are helpful.

Hi! Thanks for your comments. So, I ditched the editable axes labels and put in a table instead. I figured out how to use coverText. I just need to figure out how students can scale the axes in a way so that a student who is completing the challenge can see the scales. Not sure how to do that in a table format. Any suggestions? Thanks!