Reset Set of Points When Students Return To The First Challenge Screen


I am trying to figure out how to reset the six dots that appear on the second challenge screen if the student goes back to make changes to their table on the first challenge screen. As of right now once the dots are placed they stay there. This is a problem if students started with higher values for their terms and then decide later to change them to smaller values as the points are no longer seen on the graph. Is there a way to “reset” upon revisiting the first challenge screen? Also, I would like each of the points to be labeled as they drag them onto the coordinate plane. Thanks so much!

I’m a little confused about the activity. The student making the challenge sets up the first 3 terms and the term number larger than 15. Wouldn’t that be all they do? Because on the next screen, it’s plotting all the points and writing the equation, which seems like what you want the student solving the challenge to do. Maybe what you want is a graph on the creation screen that automatically indicates the points they have put in the table, so they can change them right there if desired.

On the creation screen, you can add CL that determines the function based on the entered values, and then use that function to detect correctness on the solving screen.

Please let me know if I’m misunderstanding!

Thanks for your response! I obtained this challenge creator from someone else. I know a little CL, but not what you are recommending that I do. Would you be able to add the CL and then I can tweak from there?

I kind of rewrote it to make it simpler since I wasn’t sure what all the stuff in the graph was doing. Let me know if this is what you are looking for. You will need to create a student access code and then test it with 2 fake logins. Representing Arithmetic Sequences with Linear Functions • Activity Builder by Desmos

Also, I understand my mistake now. I haven’t made a challenge creator in a while. I forgot that you can have the creator use the solve screen as part of the submission process. But the way I set it up basically avoids your original problem since the creator isn’t moving points at all, they are just picking the three terms.

If you actually do want them to do the solve screen with moving the dots and everything, let me know and I can think about how to solve the original problem.

This is so awesome! Thank you! I have one question. Is there a way to block the “submit response” button on the solver’s screen until the graph, table and equation have been entered correctly? Currently you can still submit the response without having to do anything on that screen. Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Yes, I fixed it now. I definitely needed a refresher on challenge creators!

Thanks so much! One last thing. Is it possible to take out the requirement for entering an equation on the creator screen? I would just want them to enter the first three term values and then their term number.

Sure - [Copy of] Representing Arithmetic Sequences with Linear Functions • Activity Builder by Desmos

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