How to Check Math Input on Student Dashboard

Hi! I’m decently new to Desmos CL and have been struggling to find an easy way to check student work using the student dashboard when inputting a single math input.

Ideally, I would like to look at the student dashboard and see check marks where students correctly inputted their answer. This is for a simple, middle school lesson where the answers will only be a single integer.

I made a quick single slide example of what I am doing here: Applying Addition & Subtraction of Integers • Activity Builder by Desmos

I have a sketch area for students to show any work if needed and then a math input where I would like it to show a check mark on the student dashboard if they type “84” but an x (or dot?) if they type anything else or leave it blank. I do not want it to say correct/incorrect to the students, just want to be able to see it from my end. I have tried a few things I have read on here, but none have worked :frowning:

Is there an easy way to do this? Thank you so much!

In your sketch CL:
readOnly: true
#this makes sure this is not checked for correctness. Often you need to do this with graphs as well.

In your input CL:
correct: this.submitted and numericValue(this.latex)=84 and countNumberUsage(this.latex, 84)=1
#checks the submit button was pressed, the input = 84, and that the number 84 was used once. Without the countNumberUsage, it would mark correct if a student input “45-8+53-6”.

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Thank you so much! I was missing the sketch part and what checked the submit button…

Just realized it is not working when I need a negative integer. Is there something else I need to do if the answer I want to check is negative? It’s only showing a check for the positive ones.

countNumberUsage only takes positive integers, so countNumberUsage(this.latex,2)=1 would be true for either 2 or -2, but as long as you’re checking the numericValue as well it shouldn’t be a problem.

readOnly: true
is now a game changer!! Thank you!!
I’ve been struggling with the correct answer showing when I have other components like graphs and sketch tools. Now my slides show the grey checkmark!
So happy. :smiley:

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Just note that text inputs (making tables good for one word/short answers) and explain prompts are the exception. The presence of either of these will not allow a checkmark because it’s expected that teacher review is necessary.