Can't get checkmark on dashboard

My head is about to explode. This is a totally bare-bones slide, with just a sketch and a math input item. I have tried all variations, but cannot get a checkmark on the dashboard. I can get the x to show up, but not the checkmark.

In the math input item called answer I have this:
correct: answer.numericValue = 10

Typing 10 gets a dot and typing anything else gets an x.

I actually want it to have the following, but I figured I would get a simple numeric value to work first before trying to get it to work with the latex.

initialLatex: x=
correct: answer.latex=x=10

Please help!!

You need to add readOnly: true to the sketch component. Otherwise, the dot is telling you that some bits are correct (the math input) and some bits require you to check manually (the sketch).

The same happens if you have “explain your answer” enabled, too.

Once you’ve done that then you’ll need correct: answer.latex=`x=10` (with the backticks) for the full version to be correct.

Ah…Thank you for the quick reply!!

We want to be sure that they have shown work in the sketch. Is there a way to have it indicate that the sketch has been utilized AND the answer is correct?

Thank you!

Okay… just figured that out!

Now my questions is for the stroke length. The example in the CL is this:
correct: this.sketch.totalStrokeLength > 6.6 and this.sketch.totalStrokeLength < 6.8

We want kids to solve a 2-step equation, showing all steps like this:

Each individual line in the sketch is short, but we need to know that they have a lot of them. What would you suggest the parameters be? Or is that not easily possible and I should just go with >2 and then look in the dashboard at each sketch?

Rather than using totalStrokeLength, you could probably benefit from strokeCount. Work out the minimum number of strokes you would need for the level of detailed working out you would expect to see, and then use the condition this.sketch.strokeCount > 12 or whatever.

The list of properties available with sketch are listed here.

Fantastic. This is perfect!!

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Screen 28 works but 29 and 30 only get the dot. Characteristics of Quadratics • Activity Builder by Desmos

The correct sink needs to be set for the inputs. It needs to be correct: instead of correct=.

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Thank you! I was staring at it and could not see the difference. You are the best!