Check answer in a table

I would like to have students be able to check their answer in the table.
I have been trying but I really do not understand this coding to make things work on here.

I just want when students type the correct coordinates in that it will tell them it’s correct, some how, and if they are incorrect some how. I assumed that using a button would be best for this but I’m so lost in my attempts.
Slide 3 - Please help!

Hey there, the code you have is super close to working! The biggest thing to fix is defining Ax, Ay, Bx, and By.

Also, a quick tip that I sometimes get confused by is that table rows and columns are indexed starting at 1 with the first non-header row/column.

I went ahead and made two versions of your screen: one without a button and one with. Take a look, and I hope it’s helpful as a reference!