Check for Correctness of Square Root Values in Table


I’m new to the computation layer, so this may already be answered but I can’t find it.

I’m wanting to have a gray checkmark in the dashboard and check for correctness within a table, but the values are square roots. I thought I found a work around in another post, but it’s not working. The correct answer should be sqrt(2)/2 (for plotting points from the unit circle). This is what I’ve tried:

(this.cellNumericValue(2,1) = 0 and
this.cellNumericValue(2,2) >= 0.707106780 and
this.cellNumericValue(2,2) <= 0.707106782)

I’d really appreciate help with this! Thank you!

UPDATE After more fiddling, apparently it’s my first line that is the issue…?? With the cell = 0…?? How is this incorrect?

What is in cell (2,1)? Easier to help if you Publish and Share Activity.

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