Check for point on a line

I am working on a Systems of Equations activity. I want to provide a line with a point on it (easy). I want the students to write the equation of a line that forms a system with the given point as a solution (also easy). What’s not easy for me is checking to see if their line actually goes through the given point.

I am currently working on slide 5 and can verify that their line meets the given criteria, but not whether it goes through the given point.

Systems of Equations Activity

One way you can accomplish that is by using the function sink in the graph component. Then run a conditional to see if f(7)=-2.

I figured out how to set a function sink, but don;t know how to run the conditional. I have a conditional set in the input to heck for the conditions for the slope and y-intercept, but don’t know how/where to run the conditional for the point.

I hadn’t thought of your solution. I like it. I just need to learn more about CL :slight_smile:

90% of the time, if you can do it in a graph its best to do it that way. Simpler, easier to check and debug!

I learned a lot just today in this regard and I agree with you. Here is the activity in it’s current state:

Systems of Equations

I need to go back and convert some of the slides (6 and 7, I think) to xyLine and do my graphing/checking on the graph. I like it that way MUCH better. I can keep track of what’s going on and do what I want much easier that way.

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