Checking an Equation

I was on a roll and feeling pretty chuffed with myself. Then Christmas break came along and now I’ve come back down to earth with a humbling bump.

I’d like students to enter in two coordinates of their own choosing and then enter the equation of the line that passes through the points. It’s obviously easy to see if they’ve done the right thing since they can see it on the graph.

But I’d like to be able to get a checkmark or comment in there as well. How do I mark the equation as correct when they are entering their own points? I’ve gone round and round with this, so I’ve just put a link to the basic activity here. Any and all help very much appreciated.


Try this: [Copy of] Guessing the Equation Draft • Activity Builder by Desmos

Hi Mike

This is fabulous, perfect, thank you, thank you!

Never would I have thought of doing anything like that. I wouldn’t have known. Way beyond my pay grade. Do you know, are there any courses that Desmos run where I can learn how to do this?


np glad it helps.

Hmmm, courses I’m not sure.

What I might recommend is just hacking away at someone else’s code to see what it does/n’t do and just focusing on one thing at a time. The community here is pretty supportive so anytime you run into questions you’re likely to find a helping hand.

That’s great, thanks again.